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Those whom The Gods Detest Tour 2011 (31th January – Exit Chmelnice, Prague)

Well, here is my short and strongly subjective opinion about metal show I visited after year of playing just my own gigs. It was very refreshing to come somewhere as a visitor and to simply enjoy:)

When I came Swiss DARKRISE had couple of tracks already played, but since I didn’t know the band and I had really different preferences that eve, I wasn’t too much disappointed. Nevertheless guys were pretty good. It was kind of rather brutal death metal with groovy essence, however for example Beneath the Massacre are far more massacrous:) Guttural vox of singer with groovy background were quite addictive, I really enjoyed their set. Time from time this kind of brutality is OK and that evening I was in the right mood. Guys just were kinda shy and they simply knew they were just support of big names. Pity.

LOL of the gig was ZONARIA (Swe). Althrough somebody could find their studio records quite good, their live show is nothing but the example of gay poseur teenage metal. Guys were very young, they really weren’t well coordinated and they simply missed the charisma. Especially bassguitar player was absolutely lost and randomly switched his pedals, it was funny and tragic at the same time. Beside that Zonaria had tones of circus decorations, image a la Lara Croft and really bad make up. Some friend of mine described them very well like „gay and worse Hypocrisy clone“.

After young Swedish guys it could be just better. And it was – German DEW-SCENTED were much more about the music and much less about image. Guys were amazing musicians and even that their combination of rather old school death/thrash really wasn’t my cup of tea, they caught the mood of the crowd with great attitude, good communication and well coordinated old school hell. Not for me, but thumbs up!

Germans really knew their place so they warmed up the crowd before MELECHESH (Isr), true reason of my visit. And it was fukkin true Luciferian light from Jerusalem!! :) Words could end here – guys had amazing charisma, great show and beside that also fantastic music which I listen to most from recent metal albums. Their Epigenesis (2010) is part of my mp3-player for long months and Emissaries (2006) really doesn’t contain lack of quality. Amazing, amazing oriental ritual! Fuck, they were like true deamons!

NILE (USA) were headliners and they knew their role very well. Their fast death metal with oriental melodies and influences was played on master level. Also there was interesting fact that band had three frontmans – all three guys did vocals and all of that singing had same space for presentation so there was lot to concentrate at. They did also amazing work with the crowd however it was that hard:) Unfortunately I saw just part of the gig cause I am getting old and Im too tired to see whole show of all band.. maybe if NILE would be more my genre.. who knows:) In every case, MELECHESH were for me true kings of the evening!

Darkrise – 2.5/5

Zonaria – 1/5

Dew-Scented 2/5

Melechesh 4.5/5

Nile 3.5/5